Clipsal Iconic Series Switch Vertical 2 Gang 1/2Way 10Ax 250V - 3042VA-VW

Clipsal Iconic Series Switch Vertical 2 Gang 1/2Way 10Ax 250V - 3042VA-VW

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Clipsal 3042VAVW Iconic Series Switch, Single Pole, Flush, 2 Gang, Vertictal, 250V 10AX, 1 or 2 Way, Vivid White
Complete Product
Clipsal Iconic Series Switch Vertical 2 Gang 1/2Way 10Ax 250V - 3042VA-VW
  • Clipsal Iconic Series Switch Vertical 2 Gang 1/2Way 10Ax 250V - 3042VA-VW
  • Clipsal Iconic Series Switch Vertical 2 Gang 1/2Way 10Ax 250V - 3042VA-VW
  1. Clipsal Iconic Series Switch Vertical 2 Gang 1/2Way 10Ax 250V - 3042VA-VW
Width 84
Height 45
Depth 145
Full Box 10
Full Carton 50
Full Pallet 50

RangeIconic Series
Length Packaging124.79
Height Packaging35.02
Depth Packaging83.3
Waranty MethodReturn To Direct Wholesale
Supplier No3042VA-VW
Current Rating10 Amps
Control Typerocker
ColourVivid White
Colour CodeVW
Depth39 mm
Device Presentationcomplete product
Height120 mm
Number Of Rocker2
EAN / Barcode9311554785895
Voltage250 V
Typeswitch (type)
Switch Function1-pole 1-way
Complete ProductYes

The 2-way double light switch offers easy installation with pre-mounted screws, drill guides and all-new 40 series mechs. The modern design includes translucent edges to blend with the wall colour and a beautiful matt finish. Flush-mounted vertically, the Clipsal double switch is a 2-gang accessory complete with rocker switches, skin, grid plate and screws. The switches come in a convenient set of 20 for updating multiple spaces.

  • Control the unit from two places with handy 2-way switching function
  • Designed for both residential and commercial lighting applications with a 250 V and 10 AX current
  • 2-gang vertical-mount unit is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and small offices
  • Flush-mount design offers a clean and modern look
  • Everything needed for installation is conveniently included with switch
  • Premium-feel, white matt finish is easy to clean
  • Polycarbonate units are reinforced with a metal plate
  • Set of 20 allows you to affordably update your entire space

Product Attributes

  • Clipsal
  • Iconic
  • Switch
  • Rocker
  • 1-Way/2-Way

Customisable and future-ready

Iconic is based around a unique, electrically safe grid plate, with a choice of three different skin designs that simply clip on top.

Once the grids have been installed by an electrician, it’s safe for anyone to change the skins at any time. Simply clip off the standard skins and clip on the new design.

Interchangeable standard, Styl and Essence skins provide great options to customise to suit specific decor and lifestyle.

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The part number for a 2 gang Iconic switch plate and switch mech and dimmer is - 3042HA , 40M & 41E300PBUD2SM For further information , visit link below:-

The part number for the 1 gang Iconic switch , and can the mech be rotated for horizontal or vertical switch plates - 3041VA and yes can be mounted Vertical or Horizontal.. For further information , visit link below:-

Not available

The ICONIC switch 5 gang is not available with LED's however can be purchased then LED's can be added so a 3045-VA and a 40MLEDW

The wall box that suits the 39/2VA is 157/2. Some of the key features are: Sliding nut 84 x 46 mm mounting centre Suits universal wall construction Horizontal and vertical mounting For further information please visit

Issue: Changing input plugs on Smart-UPS 2000VA or larger Product Line: Smart-UPS Environment: Smart-UPS 2000VA or larger Cause: All Smart-UPS 2000VA or larger have an input plug that is not a standard 5-15 household style plug. Resolution: The higher capacity of these UPS models require an input plug that is either 20amp or 30 amp (depending on model) rather than the traditional 15 amp household plug you may be more familiar with. The UL listing of the UPS assumes that the UPS is using the input plug for which it was designed. Modifying the input plug may affect the UL or other regulatory compliance. Schneider Electric does not recommend modifying the input plug of your Smart-UPS UPS or attached Smart-UPS Accesories (IE: Stepdown Transformers, PDU strips, ETC) Note: If you decide to go against this recommendation and change the input plug of your UPS, please be aware that the functional capacity of the UPS will be limited by the input circuit. (I E: An SMT3000 being supplied 15 amps is effectively a 1500VA UPS rather than the 3000VA that it is rated for.)