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Clipsal Junction Box Clip Lid & Conns(1Eth&3Act) - 554C4-WE

Clipsal 554C4WE Junction Box, Large, Rectangular, with 1 Earth and 3 Active Loose Connectors, Clip on Lid, 45mm x 86mm x 58mm, White Electric
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Clipsal Junction Box Clip Lid & Conns(1Eth&3Act) - 554C4-WE

Clipsal Junction Box Clip Lid & Conns(1Eth&3Act) - 554C4-WE
  • Clipsal Junction Box Clip Lid & Conns(1Eth&3Act) - 554C4-WE
  1. Clipsal Junction Box Clip Lid & Conns(1Eth&3Act) - 554C4-WE
Width 70
Height 46
Depth 96
Length Packaging96
Height Packaging46
Depth Packaging70
Supplier No554C4-WE
Colour TintTemporary tint
Height86 mm
Item NameJunction Box With Clip Lid
Mounting TypeSurface
EAN / Barcode9311554183745

Junction Box With Clip Lid
1 Earth and 3 Active Connector
Brand Name: Clipsal
Range: 554 Series
Shape: Rectangular
Height: 86 mm
Width: 45 mm
Depth: 58 mm
Material: PVC
Color: White
Mounting Type: Surface

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Over the coming months, the terminal connectors supplied with a number of Electrical Accessories will be changing. These changes are: The screw type in the connector will suit either a No. 2 Philips Drive or a No 1 Square Drive screwdriver. Terminal connectors will now be square wrapper design, ensuring reliable connection. All connectors will now be supplied with single screw. This is fully compliant with AS/NZS3000:2007 as per clause (d) below from sub-section 2.9.4. for active, neutral and earth connections. (d) a neutral conductor used as a combined protective earthing and neutral (PEN) conductor for protective earthing of any portion of an electrical installation, the terminal shall be of a type having— two screws; or one screw with an outside diameter not less than 80% of the tunnel diameter. The terminal connectors being supplied have a screw diameter in excess of 80% of the tunnel diameter which means the single screw connectors can be used for active, neutral and earth connections. The products supplied with new connectors are: 504/4 554/3 554/4 554J4 554C4 554J4B100 HD554J4

The 554J4 has 3 x 563G1 and 1 x 563G2. For more information, please refer to the link: https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=554J4

Issue: What is the continuous current rating of a CA2K relay? Product Line: Tesys Relays Environment: All Products Cause: Product Features Resolution: 10 Amperes. CTA-ID : 15484

Issue: What battery voltage is necessary to turn on my XW+ inverter? Product Line: Conext XW+ Environment: Any XW+ installation Resolution: The XW+5548 and XW+6848 both need at least 40V to start Cause: Battery may have fallen below the required voltage, and will need to be charged back to this voltage to start

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