Clipsal Saturn Series Cover For 4060Vx - 4060VXC-HB

Clipsal Saturn Series Cover For 4060Vx - 4060VXC-HB
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Clipsal Saturn Series Cover For 4060Vx - 4060VXC-HB

Skin Only
Clipsal Saturn Series Cover For 4060Vx - 4060VXC-HB
  • Clipsal Saturn Series Cover For 4060Vx - 4060VXC-HB
  1. Clipsal Saturn Series Cover For 4060Vx - 4060VXC-HB
Width 118
Height 12
Depth 75
Supplier No4060VXC-HB
EAN / Barcode9311554743338
Product TypeSkin Only
RangeSaturn Series
Number of SwitchesBlank
The Clipsal Saturn Switch Grid Plates and Covers boast of elegant finish that is stylish yet durable. Designed to complement modern interior decors, these can easily enhance the look of any room to achieve a sophisticated environment.

Clipsal Saturn Series

The Clipsal Saturn range offers a sleek and modern design for any home or office. With a wide variety of blue LED pushbutton switches, power outlets, and mechanisms to choose from, you can easily find the perfect fit for your space.

There is also the option of updating or changing your Saturn look by purchasing Switch covers or Switch Grid and plates as well as power point covers plates. These products are made from durable materials and are easy to install, making them a great choice for both new construction and renovation projects. Buy the full Clipsal Saturn range online from Direct Wholesale


Code is Z4060VX White (Z4060VX-ZW) is stocked Black (Z4060VX-ZB) is indent

Issue: Running a 460Vac motor on a 575Vac ATV61/ATV71 drive. Product Line: ATV61 ATV71 Environment; All Cause: Test motor 460Vac Line supply 575Vac Resolution: No, this is not recommended. Drives are designed to run motors with the same voltage rating.

4063PBC is replacement 3 gang switch cover only to suit part numbers 4063VH, 4063PB or 4063PBL.

Issue: Setting up bFr parameter for a 50hz 400vac motor. Product Line: ALTIVAR ATV61 Environment: All Cause: Installation / Setup Resolution: Drive settings for bFr, nPr, UnS , nCr and nSP settings, should match the motor nameplate. in this case bFr will be set to 50hz and UnS will be set to 400vac

Issue: Needs the line reactor part number for a 15HP 460VAC drive Product Line: All Environment: All Cause: Input or output line/load reactor part numbers. Resolution: RL02503 is open style. RL02513 is enclosed NEMA type 1. Both are 5% reactors rated for 15HP 480V 3 phase. This reactor will fit the ATV31HD11N4, ATV61HD11N4 and ATV71HD11N4 or any 15HP 460VAC drive.

Unfortunately no. Saturn OneTouch mechanisms have to be ordered separately. Saturn onetouch mechanisms to suit the plates are: 60TSRM3 - Saturn OneTouch master electronic switch, 3-wire, 6AX, integral relay 60TDM - Saturn OneTouch master dimmer, 2-wire, 350 W max, suitable for Clipsal LEDs 60TDSM - Saturn OneTouch remote dimmer/switch, supports up to three-way dimming and switching For further information, please visit:

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