AVG 20mm Tmv With Bypass Plumbed In Box - Tmv20Pb-Pib

AVG Valves - TMV20PB-PIB - 20mm TMV with ByPass Plumbed In Box
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AVG 20mm Tmv With Bypass Plumbed In Box - Tmv20Pb-Pib

AVG 20mm Tmv With Bypass Plumbed In Box - Tmv20Pb-Pib
  • AVG 20mm Tmv With Bypass Plumbed In Box - Tmv20Pb-Pib
  1. AVG 20mm Tmv With Bypass Plumbed In Box - Tmv20Pb-Pib
Nominal Size20mm


Thermostatic Mixing Valve

  • Approved to AS4032.1
  • Provides high stability of mixed water temperature even under changing inlet conditions
  • Ensures rapid shut down of mixed outlet flow in the event of hot, or cold water supply isolation.
  • Easily serviced on site
  • Supplied complete right angle isolating ball valves on the cold , hot inlets, that contain non return valves, strainers , pressure/temperature test ports.
  • Supplied with both 15mm , 20mm Nut , olive fittings for the outlet
  • Lockable stainless steel enclosures also available
  • NSW health dept. approved

Recommended Pressures and Temperatures

Temperature Adjustment Range35°to 45°Celsius
Cold SupplyMinimum 5°Celsius
Maximum 25°Celsius
Hot SupplyMinimum 60°Celsius
Maximum 90°Celsius
Hot to Mix Temperature Differential for Stable operationMinimum 10°Celsius
Cold to Mix Temperature Differential For stable operationMinimum 5°Celsius
To ensure stable outlet conditionsMinimum 4 litres/minute As per Graph 1
Hot and Cold Inlet PressuresMinimum 20 kPa
Maximum 500 kPa
Hot and Cold Inlet PressuresMaximum 1000kPa
Maximum inlet pressure ratio
for stable operation
(Hot:Cold or Cold:Hot)
10:1 (either supply)
NOTE: For optimum operation it is recommended that the hot and coldwater supply
pressures be balanced to within +/- 10%.
NOTE: Notwithstanding the above, compliance with AS3500 must be maintained.

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AVG (Australian Valve Group) is a leading manufacturer of heating control valves in Australia. AVG is a leading provider of innovative pressure relief and temperature control solutions, with a commitment to quality and performance. Our comprehensive range of products includes pressure relief valves, tempering valves, quick installation kits, and reducing and limiting valves, which are designed to provide reliable and efficient control of water temperature and pressure.

At AVG, we pride ourselves on delivering products that meet the highest industry standards for quality and performance. Our range of thermostatic mixing valves is no exception, providing safe and accurate temperature control for domestic and commercial applications.

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