Deionizing Filter

Residential Water Treatment – Deionized water for your home

Did you know, you can apply a deionized water filtration system for your whole house or workplaces water supply? Provide your family or colleagues with delicious, purified drinking water.

Manufactured by Puretec Australia

Puretec offers a wide range of water treatment systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Adhering to the Australian WaterMark certification scheme specifications, you can ensure safe and clean water for your family or business.

Our offer as your online wholesaler for plumbing supplies

Direct Wholesale can provide you with a wide range of Puretec advanced water treatment systems, which can be utilised in many applications. Take advantage of our free delivery service for orders over $300. Wherever you are in Australia, we can provide you with everyday low prices on the best water filters and treatment systems, saving you time and money by shipping your product to your doorstep or job site.

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