Puretec SOL30-E3 Softrol Water Softening System Auto Volumetric 30-80 LPM

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Puretec SOL30-E3 Softrol automatic volume water softening system just input the water hardness, time and date and the unit automatically calculates the capacity. It measures the water volume used and initiates regeneration once the capacity is reached. These systems provide peace of mind water softening throughout the house. You’ll notice benefits all through the house. Soap and shampoos will lather better, your skin will not be as dry, and soap scum will be reduced. Clothes are softer and hot water appliances will last many more years. The E3-Matic™ valve is the most advanced water softener valve. If no water is used, it won’t backwash and then when it decides to, it will choose a convenient time when you never use water. Power usage is extremely low similar to that of a garden watering system.


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