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Have you ever thought to yourself….Why am I breaking my neck every day for very little profit?

Most of the traditional Bricks and Mortar stores have massive running costs that force the cost of materials upwards, putting a strain on your wallet and ultimately to your profits because you pay for all those services you don't need. At Direct Wholesale Supplies we saw this challenge and frustration faced by most of our mates working in the Electrical and Plumbing industries and sought to put an end to it.

Fuelled by a single line commitment toward low margins, has been specifically designed with qualified Electricians and Plumbers in mind. We are not offering you a chance to invest your hard earned money in some fly by night scheme that gives you unknown chances to win a prize or trying to sell things you don't need. In fact, we are offering a fair dinkum & lean supply chain solution that will help you reduce your costs and therefore instantly increase your profits. Our prices, range and service is completely transparent and 100% free from bull***t gimmicks.

Think about how you could be kicking back on your lounge at night, cold beverage in hand, watching the latest episode of Better Homes and Gardens or Married at First Sight (your guilty pleasure) while conveniently plugin in an order you need for next week... Your family will be happy that you are home at a reasonable hour and more importantly showering them with gifts made possible by the extra cash you bring home each week by dealing with Direct Wholesale Supplies.

No need to waste precious time going into a store - just think of all the travel and waiting time that you don't get paid for. This is the time that you can say Goodbye to wasted hours and G'day to canvassing more jobs while buying materials on the fly. Conveniently order your replenishment stock from the comfort of your lounge and have it delivered direct to your house, office or job site. Too easy!

Don’t waste time hopping around like a kangaroo ransacking the MCG-sized local shop looking for a small part, tool or everyday consumables like taps, wiring accessories, brass fittings, valves or Bakelite that haven’t been restocked or put away correctly - or even worse have sat gathering dust for years. All our parts are made to our exact spec and pass stringent quality controls to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards.

How would you feel about saving time and money by keeping it simple and going direct? You'll become hooked.

If you're reading this then it's time to start making more profit by improving your margins and reducing your time overhead.

We are the only true-blue, no gimmicks online direct wholesale supplier of plumbing and electrical gear to the trade market. “Direct Wholesale” symbolises the speed, value and efficiency of online shopping that keeps your business and time as a primary focus. We stay true to our core-belief of maximising your profits and lowering margins but without the sacrifice of an exceptional customer service experience. We are here to support our community of electricians and plumbers. Driven by adventures far and wide, and often by those that happen just down the street, we deliver quality products that meet your needs in various high-stress work (and play) environments.

From switches to saddles. You need it, we sell it; at a fair and reasonable price. Simple.

Goodbye frustration. G'day found it.