Wall Mount Test/Locate/Silence/Memory Control (10-year Lithium battery)

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The EIB450 is powered for life (>10 years) intuitive remote controller for RadioLINK wireless Fire and CO (carbon monoxide) Alarm systems. It is completely wireless and can be wall mounted or free standing. The system can be easily tested by pressing the button which tests and sounds all alarms. The EIB450 identifies the triggering alarm and indicates a fire (smoke or heat) or CO alarm by flashing the appropriate icon. The diagnostic mode allows for extended to two minute test and the memory feature also allows a previously triggered alarm to be identified. EIB450 has two levels of tamper proofing and may be wall mounted where security is an issue. It may be free standing to allow easy removal for walk around tests.


Supplier NoBROEIB450
Product GroupSmoke Alarms