Clipsal Smoke Alarms

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Keep your loved ones protected - with Clipsal

Your customers’ investment for life

Clipsal Fire Tek Smoke Alarms are a small investment for your customers, considering they protect their most valuable assets; family, friends and home.

The high-quality, robust electronics are designed for reliability, to ensure early detection and warning from hazardous smoke and fire. All Clipsal Smoke Alarms incorporate photoelectric detection technology, which reliably detects smoke from smouldering fires – the most common and highest risk type of fire in residential environments.

Complying with the code is a must

The Australian Building Code mandates all new homes must have AS3786:2014 compliant smoke alarms installed and connected to mains power.

By having working photoelectric smoke alarms installed, your customers can be confident that they have the best chance at preventing the devastating effects of house fires.

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