Bushpex Pull-On Brass Brush

Bushpex Pull-On Brass Brush
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Bushpex Pull-On Brass Brush

Bushpex Pull-On Brass  Brush
  • Bushpex Pull-On Brass  Brush
  • Bushpex Pull-On Brass  Brush
  1. Bushpex Pull-On Brass  Brush
  2. Bushpex Pull-On Brass  Brush
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Bushpex Pull-On Brass Brush


YES ? with the following requirements ? Installaton in accordance with AS/NZS 3500. ? Installed within elson BUSHPEX corrugated sleeve conduit. ? Must be sleeved when penetra??ng through a slab. ? Installed in a single con??nuous length without fi??ngs.

YES ? when installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3500 requirements.

NO ? Australian Standards do NOT allow PE-X Pipe to be used on the flow or return lines between solar panels and solar storage vessels.

NO ? Brazing must only ever be done prior to the jointing of the elson BUSHPEX pipe to the fittng. Alternatively use elson PRESS Pull-On fittngs from copper to elson BUSHPEX Pull-On.

Yes - ? Ensure that the all tools are clean, free of dirt, grit, corrosion and fully functonal. ? Ensure the expander head screws entrely onto the expandertool. Incompatble expander tool and heads must never be used! ? Inspect the expander head for damage, worn or missing parts. If detected isolate, dispose and replace immediately. ? Refer to the Jointng Procedure in this manual for the correct installation method.

Yes - ? Read and recognise the instructons contained in the manual ? Inspect the tool to ensure if functons properly ? Only use the retract slide button release if the battery goes flat or the tool jams. Regular use of this button release puts excessive load on the hydraulics that may affect your warranty. ? Always keep the tool and jaws clean and dry.