Clipsal 30 Series Usb Charger Mechanism 1.2Amp White - 30USBCM

Clipsal 30USBCM Standard Series USB Charger Mech, with White Cap, Single, 1.2A, Suit Clipsal Standard Plates, White Electric
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Clipsal 30 Series Usb Charger Mechanism 1.2Amp White - 30USBCM is discontinued.

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Clipsal 30 Series Usb Charger Mechanism 1.2Amp White - 30USBCM

Clipsal 30 Series Usb Charger Mechanism 1.2Amp White - 30USBCM
  • Clipsal 30 Series Usb Charger Mechanism 1.2Amp White - 30USBCM
  1. Clipsal 30 Series Usb Charger Mechanism 1.2Amp White - 30USBCM
Width 640
Height 310
Depth 830
Supplier No30USBCM
EAN / Barcode9311554763213
Range2000 Series
Current Rating1.2 Amps

Clipsal 30USBCM USB Charger Mechanism 1.2Amp White

The USB Charger Mech is designed to fit into 30 Series aperture wall plates and sockets, in both bracket and wall box environments. With up to 1.2A of charge current available, its smart-charging technologies ensure devices such as phones, tablets, cameras and eBook readers can be charged at the maximum safe rate governed by the device.

Key Features

  • 30 Series USB Charger Mech suits most Clipsal Switch Plate styles and colours, including Clipsal 2000 Series&trade, C2000&trade, Saturn&trade Data, Slimline and Standard.
  • Fit up to three USB Charger Mechs per plate.
  • Available as a single mech or in a variety of pre-assembled Clipsal Wall Plate combinations.
  • Match coloured plates with compatible colour caps, to suit decor or identify a type of power in a commercial environment.
  • Able to be retrofitted, quickly, into Clipsal Wall Plates with 30 Mech apertures.
  • Able to reduce overall system load and infrastructure by replacing standard GPOs with 30 Series USBs.
  • Meets five-star energy ratings for efficiency with extremely low standby power ( 0.07W).
  • Cable compensation allows devices to be charged quickly (compliant with USB Charging Specification BC1.2).
  • Inbuilt protection for the surge, over-temperature and over-current occurrences.

Clipsal 2000 series

The Clipsal 2000 series is a range of high-quality electrical accessories designed for residential and commercial use. These products are made from durable materials and are designed to be easy to install and use.

The series includes a wide range of switches, sockets, and other electrical accessories, making it easy to find the perfect solution for your needs. With its sleek, modern design and superior functionality, the Clipsal 2000 series is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish electrical solution.

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Part number 4031VH will accommodate 30USBCM.

The part number for a Cream coloured cap for the 30USBC is - USBC-CAPS-CM For further informatiom , visit link below:-

Part no 30USBCM is able to charge iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini & iPod.

No, a 30USBC mech will not fit a 4061VH or 4061PBL or similar plates 30USBC mechs will only fit a 4031VH or similar communication plates as 30USBC is a 30 series style of mech

The part number for a saturn series 3 gang switch plate that will hold 3 x 30USBCM is - 4033VH For further information , visit link below:-

30USBCM is available only in white colour. 30USBCM and USBC-CAPS-BK should be ordered for a black 30USBCM. USBC-CAPS are coloured caps for 30USBCM and is sold as a pack of 5 caps. For further information on USBC-CAPS please visit

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