Jab Saw 305mm

Jab Saw 305mm

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Jab Saw 305mm
Jab Saw 305mm
  • Jab Saw 305mm
  • Jab Saw 305mm
  1. Jab Saw 305mm
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BrandKlein Tools
Supplier NoKLE725
TypePlastersaw (type)

Jab Saw 305mm

Klein Tools' Key Hole Saw is designed with the professional user in mind. The rugged, heavy-duty Hole Saw provides superior results with less effort. A curved front-end design allows for comfortable, two-hand use.

Cuts drywall, wallboard, plywood, and plastic.

Triple ground teeth for a fast cut.

Blade cuts in both directions (push and pull).

Hardened, carbon steel blade for durability.

Hardened, bevelled blade point for scoring and plunge cuts.

Handle structure designed for strength and durability.

Flat-end grip for palming or punching through drywall.