Extension Lead Protector To Ip55

Weatherproof Extension Lead Protector To Ip55
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Extension Lead Protector To Ip55

Weatherproof Extension Lead Protector To Ip55
  • Weatherproof Extension Lead Protector To Ip55
  1. Weatherproof Extension Lead Protector To Ip55
Supplier NoAMFX1

Weatherproof Extension Lead Protector to IP55

The Ampfibian X1 weatherproof connector protector keeps your electrical connections firmly locked together in the great outdoors. Eliminate the risk of electrocution in the wet. Power and water don't mix: save yourself and others and use the X1 to join connections in your backyard, our on-site (it's trade-tough).

Great for everywhere you need to keep power connections locked together perfect for outdoor use!

Perfect when pressure-cleaning, connecting pool pumps, outdoor lights and DIYing in the backyard. From jumping-castles to construction and mine sites, the X1 will keep you connected and dry: made from bullet-resistant polycarbonate it's tough as nails.

The only connector with a clear housing means you can see power indicator lights inside it.

Ampfibians patented sealing technology keeps the insides protected to IP55 the equivalent of a direct jet from a garden hose!

The leads are held together securely by a unique mechanism that acts on the cords, not the plugs, making it extremely strong and safe. You can swing up to 120kg off it with no damage to leads, plugs or the X1!

A recessed flip-out hook allows it to be easily hung up out of the way. The housing can be locked closed with a padlock or cable tie: stops your leads being accidentally borrowed.

Designed and made in Australia the X1 is fully self-contained, easy to use, tough and designed to last for years.

Great for:

  • Christmas lights
  • Travelling camping
  • Garden/power tools
  • Outdoor lights
  • Trade, Contractor Commercial
  • Catering, market stalls, food trucks
  • BBQs, sausage sizzles
  • Mining Construction
  • School events
  • Outdoor events, parties, gigs
  • Wash-down areas
  • Pressure cleaning
Best sealing, toughest, and easiest to use extension lead container
  • The only extension lead container for trade and commercial/contractor use
  • Fits standard and heavy-duty extension leads (10A 15A leads up to 12mm)
  • Field-proven patented lead seal that adjusts to all lead diameters up to 12mm diameter
  • Simple opening and positive closing
  • Heavy duty commercial grade impact and UV resistant plastic trade tough!
  • Designed, made, and independently tested approved to Australian Standards
  • IP-55 hose and weatherproof
  • Trade tough IK-09 impact resistant
  • Vice-like lead restraint clamps
  • Built-in securing loop
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